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This shop has moved. [11 Aug 2006|10:21pm]
This shop has moved.
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Well... possibly, maybe. [27 Jul 2006|02:26am]
One last bit before I go!

Apparently I am a Goth. Dunno 'ow that 'appened...

You scored as Goth. That's awesome! Go you!


Emo Kid




















What Highschool Clique Do You Belong To?
created with QuizFarm.com
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It's a talent I have. [27 Jul 2006|02:10am]
[ mood | at Phill. ]

Easily Amused.

Oh God, I shouldn't be up this late. I've agreed to go into work tomorrow, even though it's my holiday, because they need my help *sighs*. Ah well it's nice to be popular I guess... At least I will be able to pick up my new laptop. Every cloud has a silver lining. And my Superman keyring was delivered to work as well... oh nice, every silver lining is greater than the last!

Out and out offensive.

I've pissed some people off today, namely the Phill and Amanda of yesterday's blog fame. It's a shame, as they're only angry because it's all true, but hey. Phill also got Lin annoyed at him, as he lied to her about something trivial in a pathetic attempt to try and annoy me, so it appears. Personally I've no idea *why* someone would choose to do that, but then I'm not small minded and stupid. (Yes I know, that wasn't even a slightly cloaked attempt at being mean to someone, really I'm ashamed, but it's late and I'm tired).

Some other people tried to have a go at me, but I think I made my point of view clear. I'm actually bored of it now, though, so think I will just let it drop. I'm fed up of being childish, other people (ones who are actually important to me) think that it makes me less of a good person, especially when I can rationalize every opinion that I have in a intelligent manner, normally - it's just that some people really bring it out in me. It's a shame, and it's part of my personality that I detest. But it's there nonetheless.

I suppose that I should question why I do it... My usual statement, in times when it's upon me, is that I'm lowering myself to my opponents level, but that's probably not true in most cases. I think that it's quite often a mixture of three things.

Firstly, I like to act childish because it's easy. I don't really have a hard time articulating myself, let's face it, so it's even easier for me to act in such a childish manner. And the second one, and this one I am even less proud of, is that I really find it funny. Honestly. It's great fun to really wind someone up in such a way, and over the internet the fun is amplified because the person whom I am annoying is rendered almost completely impotent by the fact that I am insulting them, via childish insults, over the internet. And then, finally, there's the icing on the cake... I think it's hilarious. Straight up, it's so damned funny for me. Especially when I get insults from Sampson, like him calling me a "fat depressed loser" (OK, I'm overweight, how observant, but it doesn't bother me, never has. And yes I am suffering from depression and am on anti-depressants for it, but so what? Lots of people are, and I don't feel *guilty* about it! And I'm clearly not a loser... great job, living in my own house, not with my parents... with Lindsey too! Life is pretty good, really. Not really loser-ville!). I mean, really. How clearly easy it is to annoy someone, if they fall back to cheap shots straight away? Or is it a reflection of their intelligence? Ahhhh, I forget which... the latter would not surprise, as I've already mentioned I think that he's a bit dim anyway!

And besides, I don't see why Amanda's blocked me from her blog, and also she's blocked anonymous posts. I mean, this is probably the most comments a blog of hers has ever had. It's funny in that link, by the way - some girl called 'smokeywild' decided to try and have a go at me... I think that I dealt with it OK *grins*. A bloody stranger hates me! *laughs* ah well, it's fun.

OK I'm gonna hit the sack. It's just late. Night night world :P

Til next time, farewell.

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Titles are unimportant. Filler will do. [26 Jul 2006|01:40am]
[ mood | at the whole bloomin' thing! ]

The Pride of Being Banned

Howdy all. I'm going to try and blog, but it's quite late so goodness knows where this will go. It may not be up to my usual style, but please stick with me, I'm sure it'll be entertaining nonetheless. I have great faith in myself.

Gone back from end to put in this note - I think that Lin, Dave and Phil can all feel free to just skip most of this blog. You all know it. But I present it nicely nonetheless!

Anyway, banned. Yes, I've only been using LJ for like, ten minutes, and I'm already banned from two journals. Not bad at all, if you ask me. The people in question are Phill Sampson (don't bother going to the link, he's done like, one post. Ever! Not to be confused with the other Phil, Tex Murphy) and the artist formally known as Amanda (don't bother going to that link as her LJ is mostly (faked) over-emotional rubbish). Why have I been banned? Well, I was banned from Phill's for pointing out the irony in him posting anonymously to tell someone else who had posted anonymously, that posting anonymously is stupid. Well at least that's what my comment said before it was deleted and I was banned. Shame... but I think the real reason that I've been banned is because Phill used to be my friend, but isn't any longer - because I didn't like his girlfriend.

Which leads me in turn to Amanda. She's his girlfriend. She's from Sunderland, by the way, and she's a bit common, so you can imagine how she sounds. Now, Amanda used to go out with Dave (don't bother going there, he's never posted yet. Whilst Dave and Amanda were together, I took the time one evening in the queue to a Kaiser Chiefs gig in Newcastle to explain to Dave that, as much as it pained me to say it, I didn't really like Amanda. I think he kinda knew anyway, let's be honest here. When he split up with her the first time (even though he sprung it on me point blank range that he'd done the deed, no notice given) no one was really surprised. When he started going back out with her again, everyone knew that it was only because Dave feared being alone, and not because he believe the relationship had any future. The second time they broke up, he dumped her outright and that was a sign of his massive increase in self-confidence.

Aaaaanyway, I'd been spending a lot of time with Phill, who I'd actually met through Dave as they used to work at the same company. When Amanda and Dave split up for good, Phill moved in on Amanda very quickly. Not that, honestly, it would make that much difference to Amanda - she's quite immature anyway. For instance, even though Dave and Amanda's relationship had gone on for about a year and half in total (a year or so when they split the first time) she was quite quick to jump into bed with some freak from GameStation in Middlesbrough. Nice eh?

So, when they ended it once and for all, it was no surprise that she acted positively when Phill started "telling her how he feels" (whilst he was very, very drunk). It's all made worse because Amanda is convinced that she's, like, mega-attractive. Now, OK, she's not my type here, but I still think she's no looker overall (but hey that's my opinion). It's just her big thing, thinking that she's God's gift (read her blog, you'll see what I mean, and I have a photo of her if anyone requires it). So, Amanda gets asked out by Phill and rebounds straight over to him. Phill calls Lin and I, making this big deal about respecting our opinion on Amanda, what should he do. I recommend he backs off as she's just been in a long term relationship, he ignores and it all goes downhill from there.

As soon as they start this relationship, Phill (who has been around our house almost every day for the last, oh, at least six months) pretty much stops coming round. I mean, OK, you expect to see someone less when they get a new lady, but this was just taking the piss. To be honest, I took a break from smoking the old marijuana for a while there as well, and I've since concluded that it's at least likely that he stopped coming around because of that - as in, he was only coming around to get stoned. Wouldn't surprise me now.

I tried to explain to Phill that it was a bit crap not seeing him much, and his response was that it was my problem because I hadn't made Amanda feel welcome - by which he means that I wanted to do stuff as a social type thing, but without Amanda - and even sometimes with Dave (who Amanda can't stand to be in the same room as anymore, but only because she's not *actually* over him, and her attitude towards him since their break up has been one of constant insulting and sniping.) and with Phil (yes, the other one, who she hates because he's honest to a major fault and has offended her many, many times - something that I respect him greatly *high five*).

Alas, Phill just couldn't handle doing things without Amanda. So I took him to one side and explained to him that I just didn't like Amanda. It wasn't that I hadn't tried (I even forced myself to spend one terrible evening with her, going to see Howl's Moving Castle and out for a meal afterwards. She just wasn't interesting. I explained this as nicely as I could to Phill, and he took major offence and pretty much disappeared.

The end result? My going onto MSN one day and telling them both what I thought of them - mainly, telling Amanda what I thought of her. I was very, very childish, and I'm not proud of it, but I was upset at losing a friend to a girl. Especially one that I disliked so much. I knew that it happened - friends choosing a girl over a friendship - but I never really thought it would happen.

I know that it seems like I'm being a total girl about it. But it's just how I feel in this particular circumstance... *sighs*

I tried to talk to him the other day on MSN. Didn't work. So, sod it. His loss *laughs* and you know, people deserve what they get.

I'm going to stop this blog now as I'm a bit stoned myself, and I want cereal hehe. I will blog again tomorrow. God I hope it's colder than it was today. This is just mental.

Til then, farewell ;)

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Now I'm just posting my thoughts as they pass me by. [11 Jul 2006|12:31am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

A Scanner Darkly

Now, OK, first of all you must go here. Just go there and watch that trailer, then come back to me. I chose the 480p high resolution (though I'm about to try and make my laptop play the 1080p one... it's downloading a bit slowly actually... oh, I've got a bittorrent running... ahh that's better it's speeding up now. See how I've stuck to the "in italics" rule for geek stuff? Yay me! ... Yeah the 1080p one made my laptop cry hehe. Will have to play it on my PC later). Right, so you've watched it now?

Even if that film turns out to be a badly written piece of crap, it looks totally cool. It's a little strange to get your head round, seeing actors that you know in animation form but with their own voices... very weird! Not all of the films based on Philip K. Dick stories (yes, A Scanner Darkly is a PKD creation *grins*) have been good. It's a bit fifty-fifty, I admit. Blade Runner was fantastic (well the Directors Cut is); Total Recall was cool; Minority Report was pretty good with some flaws; Paycheck made me cry, and not in a good way; so it could go either way. I suppose the favour is with it being good, unless you're one of those people who believes that balance needs to be maintained, so we are heading to three shit ones in order to balance out those three good ones, so we're owed another two. Will it be A Scanner Darkly, and Next be the shit ones? *coughs* pretty unlikely actually - the dude directing Next (Lee Tamahori) has a Bond film under his belt (OK so it's Die Another Day but shit, he didn't write it, and the movie still at least looked good). Actually he directed XXX 2 as well. That was a good action film, shit story... OK, OK, seeing a pattern here - is Next going to be a good action movie with a crap storyline? Maybe...

But, and here's the best bit, maybe not - as the guy who's adapted the screenplay of the Philip K Dick story that is used for the basis of Next (The Golden Man), is none other than Gary Goldman (there's a G there. GOLDMAN. Not OLDMAN. Pay attention!) - who wrote the screenplay for Total Recall... and Navy Seals... and Big Trouble In Little China...

So it's looking good, yes? Well, I think so. Big Trouble In Little China is a great movie - and I've already said Total Recall is cool - and Navy Seals was ermm... OK, two outta three ain't bad! Ah shit, that means that he's had a stinker and two good movies, out of a total of four - so that means, according to the balance, that he's got to have another crap one, as mentioned before - ahh, I see it all now.

And I can back it up too. Did you know that Minority Report was originally conceived as a sequel to Total Recall? It was to be shifted to Mars, pre-cogs and all - and the main character from Total Recall would have been used instead of the character that Cruise played in the end. And who was involved in this clearly terrible idea? You are correct. Goldman! Thank goodness that someone else was employed to re-write it, eh?

So, Next will be shit, but A Scanner Darkly will be shit too, if we go by the balance. If we go by what's past, Next will be a good action film with a crap script and A Scanner Darkly will... look fucking fantastic.

Until tomorrow... farewell.

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Google Feeds [10 Jul 2006|08:36pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Oh neat, you can add LiveJournal pages to your Personalised Google Homepage by adding an RSS feed, and appending /data/rss to the end of a LiveJournal.

In OTHER words, you can have your LJ as an RSS feed. To get mine I added http://dissents.livejournal.com/data/rss to my Personalised Google, so along with all my other stuff I can see my LJ. Little pointless that actually... probably be better when I add OTHER people's LJs! He he.

Was just a quicky this one, off to play WoW :)

Until next time... Farewell.

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The Case of the Missing Fridge... [10 Jul 2006|10:58am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

... or, Why Mondays Confuse Me.

And a very Good Morning to you. If it's still morning now.

It's morning for me. Monday morning, no less. And my fridge has run away from home. Perhaps I should explain.

Recently, my fiancee and I had to buy a new fridge as the old one, as much as we loved it, was broken and it was going to cost too much to fix it. How can one love a fridge? Well, our fridge made "miaow" noises and was afraid of the dark - I kid you not. We did actually think that our cat, Tony, was wanting to be in the house whenever the fridge started miaowing - and when it developed the fault (the thermostat was clicking on and off and it wouldn't keep stuff cold) it used to do it whenever you turned the light off. See, afraid of the dark. Anyway...

So we decided that we were going to have to invest in a new fridge. Off we trundle to Comet, found a fridge, ordered it and took delivery. With the new one installed, we carted the old fridge out to the driveway to await me phoning the council to have it picked up. There's also a single bed, a matteress and what's left of a sofa-bed (the damn thing that I've been sleeping on for the last 18 months, it's killed my back - but thank god we actually have a *real* bed now) waiting to be picked up as well. But, when I went out to my car to goto the shop on Sunday morning, a little voice told me to look for the fridge on the drive - and lo and behold, it was gone!

Now, I live in a nice area. It's quite quiet, for the most part, and crime isn't exactly a major problem. But for some reason, completely beyond my comprehension, someone has taken the fridge from our driveway and run away with it. I have to ask... why?

I mean, for goodness sake, if they wanted the fridge, they could have just knocked on the door and said "Excuse me, could I take that fridge from your driveway?" and I would happily have replied "Yes, since the council will charge me £10 to take it away, yes, you can have it. Help your good self."

But no, it was not to be. Instead, someone has done a bunk with it. The sheer stupidity and ignorance of my fellow man astounds me, sometimes. Ah well, fuck it - good riddance!

Here I am, Stuck in the Middle with you.

Here's a suggestion - if your partner and one of your friends are arguing, don't get involved. Ever.

On Saturday, my fiancee (I will have to keep referring to her as that until I talk to her and see what she wants to be called) and one of our friends (also an LJ user, TexMurphy) got into a minor arguement, as he offended her via MSN (he has this ongoing complaint that she doesn't "use MSN" enough or properly, in accordance with his standards, anyway, so it all stems from that I'm afraid). As it's not the first time that they've ended up winging about the whole thing, and because she was pretty pissed at Tex, I tried to have a word with him to attempt to make him understand that even though he didn't think that he'd done anything wrong, she did and therefore he should care about that. Worst luck, it all backfired on me - and as a result, I ended up arguing with my fiancee as she was convinced I wasn't in agreement with her, when actually I was (don't you just love confusion?).

This was all made worse by Tex's defence that he didn't believe he'd done anything wrong at all, and that he was the injured party - something that my fiancee, I and another mutual friend have *all* tried to explain to him isn't the case, and that he should see that his actions would have had these consquences, but it hasn't worked. And I had my own seperate annoyance, which is Tex's utter conviction that all my fiancee and I ever do is argue (which is frankly offensive since we don't. But every time we even take the piss out of each other, Tex immediately assumes that we're arguing. When we aren't. I think it's because he doesn't understand long term relationships - after all, we've been together for five and a half years, my partner and I - so yes, we do argue sometimes, but not as often as he's convinced.).

All the crap aside, Tex needs to get his act together I fear, as he's really upset her and she's expecting an apology. But until he sees what he's doing wrong (and she *has* explained it to him, in real life, many times before) then they're going to get nowhere. All I know is that I'm bloody staying out of it! Except to say that I agree with her point of view on the entire thing - but that's just an opinion, as it is my right to have :)

What colours do they sail?

Oooo, went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest last night. Throughly enjoyed it. Not quite as good as the first one, but still damn funny. As Dave quite rightly pointed out, however, they are following the George Lucas "This is how a trilogy should be" point to the letter - this movie was shot at the same time as the third in the series (well the third is still filming a bit I think, but they were written as one big story) and, without giving much away, it ends on a big downer in almost the same vain as The Empire Strikes Back - you know, Han's trapped in carbonite, Luke's lost his hand etc. The character similies are striking - Captain Jack Sparrow, excellently portrayed by the lush Johnny Depp, is very much the Han Solo character in the Pirates... series - the rogue, who becomes more loveable and really has a heart of gold (though Sparrow does come across as *much* more of a bastard in this one than in the first!). With the third in the series, title At World's End, not due out til 2007, I've a feeling I might be watching the first two Pirates... quite a lot between now and then. Won't buy them yet though - I have this thing about waiting until the box sets come out and buying the most financially sensible one. We didn't buy the Matrix movies until they did the Ultimate Edition box set, for example, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer was only bought after the series ended and they release the über-tastic box set of all of them (in it's own box, itself. I love that set.).

Oh, one last thing on that - it's mental sometimes to consider that the dude who directed all three Pirates... movies, Gore Verbinski, is the same dude who did (American remake of) The Ring and he was also the dude who created the amazing Budwieser Frogs. He's a GOD! Those Frogs RULED!

Good film though, you should go watch it :)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Superman key chain!

Ah yes, Superman. Much to my disgust, a lot of people in the world still just see Superman as "a dude in a leotard with his pants on the outside". I understand that not everyone can be a fan of comic-book superheroes but, please, people, there is so much more to this character than the opinion that most people have. I am really, really looking forward to Superman Returns, more than any film in a long time. I've been watching the trails, but have tried to avoid watching the out-and-out "clips" that have been put up too. The fact that visual imagery has come on so much since Superman I+II means that the Man of Steel is never going to have looked so fantastic. In one of the trails, he gets shot in the eye. THE EYE. And it just gets crushed. Man, I cannot wait at all.

I've ordered Superman I+II on DVD from Play.com over the weekend, as well as the previously mentioned funky-as-hell Superman key chain :) Which will hopefully turn up in time for the movie.

I really hope that I'm not going to be disappointed. With Bryan Singer at the helm, I shouldn't be - and all the reviews that are coming out say it's great. Singer really did X-Men 1 & 2 justice (such a shame that The Last Stand got shafted) and I trust him to have made a great, great movie. But this weekend, we shall see. Oh yes, we shall see.

Anyway, I need to go pee and maybe go get some lunch.

Until next time... farewell!

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Grrr... [07 Jul 2006|06:04pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm getting a little annoyed at the stupidity of LJ's inability to allow me to edit a post today.

I've tried to edit my first post as I'd written in the link to dictionary.com wrong, and it's having none of it.  It won't let me come out of "rich text" mode, and it won't let me go to "source" mode.  I'd reaaaaaally like to slit it's throat right now, so I'm just gonna step *away* from the keyboard... hehe.

Silly rabbit.  Tricks are for kids.

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Don't think you're safe cause it's not over... [07 Jul 2006|11:45am]
[ mood | happy ]

Burn burn, for us, for them, for you!

Right so, went to see Lost Prophets live last night at the Carling Academy in Newcastle.  After feeling slightly old due to the fact that most of the people in the queue weren't even old enough to be drinking, I calmed down once we got inside as there was quite a range of ages.  The support bands (Kids in Glass Houses and The Blackout) weren't all that great, in my opinion (and why is it deemed nesc to have two support bands anyway?  One is more than enough!) but, this didn't detract from Lost Prophet's great set.

With songs from their latest album, as well as a few from their last and two from the first ("This is for the old school!" he said, and since I've been listening since they turned up I'm going to allow myself to be just that!) I really spent the entire time bouncing.  "Fake Sound of Progress", the 'old school' song, has always been one of my favourite songs ever since, though I had already heard it prior, I tuned in to BBC Radio 1 on the way home from failing my driving theory test (I only failed it once!) and FSoP was just starting.  I was feeling quite bummed out about failing my test, especially since I took to driving like a duck takes to water and was getting quite frustrated at not being able to just take my practical test and get it over with, but hearing FSoP really took me away from the disappointment that day and took me back to being my normal self.  I decided to take the theory test again as soon as I could and this time I passed with flying colours *grins*.


Goddamn "Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja" is a good song... I was surprised as it wasn't the last song - that honour was bestowed upon "Burn, Burn", and Shinobi was the second to last track.  When it started, introuduced with a scream of "ShinooooooobiiiiiI!", the entire crowd went totally fucking mental.  I'd hardly been reserved up to this point, but I just let myself go entirely, and ended up bouncing into various people - though I did totally apologise!

Anyway, more later methinks, as I'm being distracted by a Horizon programme on Stephen Hawking's Information Paradox and it's hard enough going as it is without me only paying half attention!

Until later... farewell.

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[06 Jul 2006|12:12am]
[ mood | weird ]

A bold new blog...

I have to start by wondering how many people have ever used that phrase, a bold new blog... probably not that many actually, it's reasonably geeky I suppose. Meh, anyway.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Dissents (OK you got me, that's not my real name!). I'm an IT Technician, living and working in the North East of England - which you can safely read as "I'm a geek - and proud of it." I know some people who work in IT - most of the people that I have worked with recently, in fact - who wouldn't want to use a word like 'geek' to describe themselves, but personally I relish it. It's only opinion, but I hardly see how anyone working in IT can justify themselves if they aren't a geek. You can't just work the job, you have to love it - and I certainly do.

I think that whilst I write this, I am going to have to have the "Interests" window open in another browser, as I failed utterly to put *anything* interesting into it when I was setting my journal up, but more things are coming to me as I sit here... does The A-Team have a hyphon or not? And isn't hyphen spelt with an E? The answer to these questions, and more, is yes. Apparently. Thanks TV.com and <http://www.dictionary.com">Dictionary.com</a> :)

Anyway... onto my words. I'm afraid that, as well as being utterly crap at spelling (which hopefully you won't notice as I will try to check things before I post!) I'm also pretty awful at overusing words that I like. So, the number one offender at the moment, in text form anyway, is "apparently". Why? Well, anyone who's ever seen Coupling (that's the original UK version that is, not the crappy USA remake) will understand, as it's a word that one of the characters, Susan, uses when she's annoyed. I use it, mainly, to infer that the statement that I've made is:

Correct... To the best of my knowledge.

Now, ignoring the fact that my knowledge is hardly the most vast on the planet (though my fiancée did describe me as the "most generally intelligent person I know" the other day - still trying to decide if that's an insult or not to be honest...), there's an important point to be made there. When it comes to anything at all on this blog, I will never lie, never mislead and never exaggerate (had to look that one up too). OK I might exaggerate a little. But look, everything that I write will always be correct to the best of my knowledge. Why? Well, because to be honest I don't actually care if anyone ever reads my blog - not that I'd prefer it if no one did, don't get me wrong - it's just that I am going to be writing this for me. I'm one of those sad little people who actually gets stressed trying to deal with everyday life and I think that I need a little therapeutic output. Sure, I could just write this in a diary, or in a notepad on my desktop or something, but, at the same time, I don't want to keep my thoughts hidden away like they're something to be ashamed of (though I am sure that some of them, at least, are!). A contradiction eh? Yeah, they'll be a lot of them.

Other words, well... I like to use meh.... Not sure where that one came from, but it kind've means, well, it's a written equivalent of shrugging your shoulders and saying "Whatever...". I don't use "Whatever..." as it's too long. In phrase terms, it's usually found with the word "but", as in: but, meh...

What else... Oh, I don't know. The second you try to think of anything, it gets harder to do so. Typical. Well, I'm sure they'll get used.

What a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore!

Are moths just, like, the most stupid things in the world? I'm sat here in the dark of my computer room. The neighbour's away and my fiancée is watching Big Brother, so my music is on (Panic! At The Disco, for those who don't recognise the line above) at quite a decent volume. So this moth keeps head butting the monitor. I've already moved it once, it keeps nearly landing in my lager (Kronenbourg 1664 is my lager of choice). Oh joy now one of those annoying little flies is at it as well. Sometimes I think it's a shame that I don't like killing them, really I do...

Can I put music twice in my interests? Probably not... I like music a lot though. I used to play in a band, but we were shit (not me, though I wasn't great - the bassist was to blame). I can play guitar (badly), bass guitar (better), piano (barely) and drums (though I'm not allowed a drum kit. Damn the world. Oh yes, and barely again). I wish that I still had the inclination to make music. I used to sing as well (wasn't great at that but, meh...), and I wrote all of our songs. Nowadays I just have to make do with listening to as much music as I can (usually quite loudly). One day I might get to make it again. Or at least play it. I do hope so.

A Welshman in Newcastle

Anyway, I'm sure that's quite enough of the exposition!

Tomorrow, is Thursday. And tomorrow, I will be going to see Lost Prophets play live in Newcastle. There was originally a group of five of us and it was looking to be quite a decent night out, but alas, now there's only three and two spare tickets. One of our group is sick, but the other is just a slave to his stupid employer. I've given him quite a hard time about it as it is (mainly because he bloody arranged it!) so I won't continue, but suffice to say it's that let down that is the main reason that I'm currently in the dark listening to music. It's not that I don't think it will still be a decent night out, it's just that when you have your heart set on doing something a certain way, it's a bit of a bugger when plans get changed so drastically. Plus, I went to see Kaiser Chiefs with this particular person last year (twice actually if you count T-in-the-Park) and I really enjoy going to see live acts with him - not least because he's about my height and we hold each other up! *laughs* Ahh well, he knows who he is and I've upset him already by inferring that he's let us down, so that's enough on that subject. But I do hope it doesn't happen again, as though I won't say, it's really upset me.

So, I'm sure that tomorrow will still be fun... my fiancée is driving, so I'm drinking (though I have to stay sober enough to provide directions hehe. Now that'll be worth watching...). We can't find anyone else who wants to come with us, so I'll be attempting to tout two tickets in the queue... I think it might be illegal but so what? They can bite my ass, is what. Ooooo! (Adds Futurama to the Interests list. Did you know they're bringing it back? Nice...!).

Dance, Dance

Goodness I've rambled on for quite a bit here. Should stop soon and go and play one of the games that I've been playing this week. See, I have a week off from work this week. No major reason, besides the fact that this is the first time in about a year that I've been at a job long enough to be allowed holiday days and I really fancied just having a week where I didn't have to work. Plus, I built a new PC last week (for the interested, it was an Athlon 64 3800+ AM2 on an Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe with 1GB DDR2-800 RAM (underclocked to 667) and a Geforce 7600GT (the XFX XXX version). I had to underclock the RAM to 667 because, and this took me about twelve hours to realise, the CPU in question, although now upgraded to a DDR2 memory controller, can only interface with RAM at a top speed of 667 - and the mainboard can take up to 800, so I didn't think to underclock it and had hours of failed devices, reinstallations of Windows and Blue Screens of Death before I clicked hehe. Oh yeah, I'll laugh about it now...) (welcome back to the non-geeks! I shall try and mark out the geek part in italics when I remember) and, since it was built for gaming (OK I admit the 7600GT is NOT the top of the range GPU at the moment, but for the difference in price I can wait for that 7900GT to come down a bit...) I decided that I wanted a week where I caught up with all the great games that I felt were passing me by.

As a result I've been switching between a few games. The one I've played the most is Psychonauts, which is a surprisingly good (and *very* surreal, as well as incredibly funny) game. If you take it for a spin, just wait for when you jump into the mind of the blowfish - it's just... ermm well you'll see. Think Godzilla. On LSD. I've also been playing Oblivion, which I've found to be a lot better than Morrowind, but, I still have a hard time nowadays playing offline RPGs (it's World of Warcraft that did it, I tell you.) Far Cry got a look in for about ten minutes (I just wanted to see how it ran, really. The answer is "amazingly"). I've also touched upon Heroes of Might and Magic V, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends and Half Life 2. So it's been a pretty varied week so far. I honestly think that my greatest tales will be told of Psychonauts, though. From the list of games there, it's easily the least technical (it is, in essence, a 3D platform game) but damn! It's just so entertaining. Plus, I am currently stuck on HL2, impatient on Oblivion and a bit overwhelmed by RON:ROL and HoM&MV (well, overwhelmed makes me sound stupid. Let's just say "too impatient to be arsed learning right now", K?). I've also got Condemned: Criminal Origins, Hitman: Blood Money and Devil May Cry 3 to play - I already know that DMC3 is fun, having played it on the PS2, so I wonder how the PC version will turn out.

Come back stronger than a powered-up pac man.

I've also been on the beta route a bit this week. Microsoft have chucked out Office 2007 Beta 2, so I've been playing around with that (will be a shame to see the export-to-PDF functionality removed if Adobe get their way - it would certainly make life simpler at work, where we currently have to have a 3rd party application for converting output to PDF (something that is done for about 80% of our documents). One has to wonder if these means that we'll actually be able to save a PDF to SharePoint now - at the moment you can navigate the Save As... dialogue to SharePoint all you want, Adobe will *not* let you save PDFs to SharePoint at all. Pain in the ass! But if either Office 2007 (as you will be able to add the export-to-PDF back in with a patch from Microsoft apparently) or SharePoint 2007 allow for native PDF support, I'll definitely be pushing for buying them in.

I'm part of the Microsoft Public Beta programme (or whatever the hell it's called) so I got an invitation to try Windows Live Messenger Mobile the other day. As I have Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone (Orange's C600, but flashed with a better firmware of course) I decided to give it a go, and it's utterly fantastic - a MUCH better mobile messenger than the original MSN Mobile Messenger, I must say. It's so much easier to use and navigate around, and it even downloads your contacts personal pics now too - so much kudos to them for that. Now, if I can only get an unlimited bandwidth GPRS account so that I can stay signed in all day, every day, and I'll be happy.

I also got invited to the beta for Zoo Tycoon's latest expansion, but I declined that one - for one, I don't own the original game, and for two, I really don't like the ...Tycoon series of games. Just not my thing, really.

I've been talking to Jesus, all my life.

Bonus points for any comment that identifies where all my song-line-based headings are from :)

I'm going to stop now anyway. I was worried that I wouldn't think of anything to say, then I wrote for an hour and twenty minutes, as it's gone midnight now. Yeah that sounds about right.

Until next time... farewell.

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